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Art Report 014- Life Rant

This year is quite a unusual year, a lot of things happened within 4 months, and my whole life and the world changed.

One of my dear friend passed away in car accident on Valentine's day, tragic huh? );  she such a sweet girl and im feel so sad for her.
here is a pic to remember her. I will miss her forever.

One of my old uncle passed away on my dad's birthday. Now in April, a lot of old famous writer and politican- 卡巴星 passed away too. Makes me wonder that this year is a Death-note year.. Our house had at least 1 and a half month water ration too. Lots of problem happened.

But, life still goes on. My 4th semester started... Time flies, i never expected to arrive that fast. Few months ago we just laughed how we still long from graduating.
Art which i havent posted.

this was inspired by Catz twiiter icon.

Practice - I like it very much

I drew this for Ki Bday picture! ^w^ Glad he likes it!

These are the sketches i did recently XD I glad i improved!!
Though semester are getting tougher , but i will try my best!! XD Oh!! I been getting along with Ah shoot lately, i wonder why, she seems to be able to read my mind. O3O?  MM. which part of me showed??

Thats all for today folks! Thanks for reading!

New start in 2014

Just past the Valentines day and Chinese new year last day!! Yay! First time trying to do throwing mandarin orange for relationship but it turns out creepy *shivers* It was a guy who is way older than us picked it up.

I havent update my Art report for a loongggg time so here it is!

not a bad year, but somehow it doesnt leave lots of good memory's to me. I wonder why?

Here are the drawings i did recently:

Oh! I opened a freebie sketch thread in Gaia online and it turns out great! I drew a lot and it made me improved!!

Oh! Im chatting with Jenny a lot and she is really nice person! We share our thoughts on drawing always!

failed sketches

and this was an inspiration from my cousin wedding!

and drew a bit for DMO sketches. ^w^

Wow! Im tired and sleepy @_@" this year is gotta be tough year becoz it has piles of assignment waiting for me...so until next time!

Updates on Art Report and my Liffeee?

Yes, i was reading my old post and i was surprised how much i improved in 2009 . OAO but sadly later i didnt improved a lot . *sob*

but now i shall update few drawings for this year/ these few months which i absence~~~ I was too busy with school and i forgot this lovely blog >_>"a

Uhm... Kinda stuffed with assignment these day and got really emo at night. Real Emo. I thought of doing suicide so many times ahahahaha. These emo thoughts will be passed. Future is still far for me.

our Comic Fiesta 2012 Booth ~~~Buhahahah~~~ Quite a success~
Though i was not happy because my stuff was not selling over there   im glad i got so many friends visited our booth and made our sales goes up!>W

Art report:

Ki and Ni got scolded LOL


Edit: Found few of them already uploaded orz.

Oria~~ Named by Loom~>W< I love her so much! She's a sky pirate which ride a dragon~

She is really cheerful person and loves to do adventure and enjoying the sky view~


doodle 2:

This was for ghost festival~~ Just for fun~~

This is a doodle about a penguin will be going far away without parents guidance. Inspired by my cousins wedding...

last thing will be gifts from Friends~~~

Anime bday gift~~>W< thank you so much ~!!! ;w; im so touched for the gift!!!

Anime Bday gift

A gifts for 2 old friends~~~ Laminated and gave them~~~

i think thats all for now~~ ^^;a i need to get back to my assignment ~~ i hope i can improve lot more in the future!

Heck?! Holiday is gonna end?! + Art Report

Hi guys! Yeah....Its few months past again. Times flies. Right now im on semester holiday for 3 weeks, and its gonna end soon *sobs*

OwO How is everyone? I hope everyone is doing good~ Uhm...What should i say more.=v=;;a

AAh right...IM so Bored these day , stucking in the house and doing drawings. Well, have to save up some money and outing days for future... My 2nd semester is ended, and those memories will be with me forever.>_>"a

oOh! Right! I went back to My old school for teacher's day! Well....I thought it would be fun and touching to see the teacher's, but sadly i dont get the feel anymore. Most of the friends go on with their lifes, Juniors doesnt remember me anymore, and of course, teacher's busy as eever. That doesn't belong to me anymore doesn't it? Memories are always the best. Its always better to have old friends to keep in touch though.

Now onto Art Report~:

Ahh~*w* This is a bday picture for a friend of mine! I must admit, i rather like this composition a lot...Its cute!!! ANd i love it a lot!! Sadly i still gave it to her as bday picture ORZ.


And this is a practice for watercolor~ Oh man i tell you, i got really obessed with watercolor these day!*w*bbbb I love it!

Though the shapes of the cat ran off a bit...*sob* Must practice more.;w;


This is a graduation animal~ Dedicated for my friends since they are going to graduate A level's~~~ *w* I rather like how i did it really~


This is one of my school watercolor project~*w* This is suppose to be a small sketch before doing A1 size...Haha..=v=;;;a Oh! I took reference from a photo in Google.OwOa Didn't mean for anything commercial so plz dont spam me!QAQQQQ It just my hw!


This is a WIP while Doing A1~*w* Muhahaha~~~ I love how i did with the sketching!!!

That's all for today update!OwO See you guys next time~ Leaving some comment would be good too if possible.QwQ


Hi guys! It's been a while since i last updated my art report!XD"" Sorry about that~ College life been busy, and lots of assignment havent finish.>__>"

These are my recent art~~~

This is most recent bday picture i did for Maika!!>w<bbb i love it very much and im glad she likes it too!

and this was for Muffin~

and this, i did this last year christmas with illustrator and i like it very much!>W<bbb

and this is my new OC!! Called Oria ( thanks for Loom who suggest the name!:D)  I love her very much!! She is based on pirate design~~

a color pencil piece of artwork which i done it when im sad.=w=a LOL

this is a picture for 2013, Snake year~~ >v>a i havent got lots of free time color this... I love this picture a lot! Oh! ANd i learn drawing bamboo from chinese painting book from my grandpa~~

*too lazy to explain already* =w=a

oh! This was one of my college watercolor picture! I like how it turned out!>W<

too many pictures and im too lazy to explain all.=w='' if you are interested more in my artwork you can visit my DA:

I guess my art improved a bit~? ^^;;a

Oh! Next round i should tell you guys about my CF experience + booth experience~~ Now i need to back to my assignment.>w<" Later guys!

Photoshoot in 2013~

Batucaves 009

KLCC2 500

THese are few photos i took last few months~~ ~XD =v=a Im posting a good one. Hope you guys like it! If you guys want more can tell me, i will upload more.=w=a




LOL, i knew myself havent post the blog for a long time but i never knew THAT LONG.

=w=a And now here i am~~~

Alright, maybe i just report what happened to me these day.=w=a

1. I got into Art College~
2. Suffering+enjoying the college life LOL.
3. Going to have a holiday break next week!+W+b
4. Met lots of online friends~
5.........I changed.=w=a
6. Got active in FB and twitter.

Ahem, so, yeah. I got into Art college....And it's pretty far from my home, and it's 2 hour trip LOL. I got into July intake, and im going to have a sweet short semester break soon!+W+b I need more 8 hour sleep plz ORZ. Art improved somehow, but still not good enough.=w=a As usual, i dont really post much about myself cause im lazy.LOL

((Reading my classmate post)) LOL, My class is sure a bunch of naughty kiddo~~ They seems to know everything about Love and everything else....=A=;; And such observation...YIKES.

Right, Going back to my assignment now..=w=a Will update often~~~


最近在fb 里我看到很多人都开始对画画设计这行业放出了批评。。。说这行业是赚不到钱, 很难, 不好走。 外面的人都对我们这行业的给个鄙视,认为我们是不行的。。。而且我们这行业不是靠文凭,读书的。。。是靠实力。   这几天,我开始问我自己了。。。为什么。。。我当初要做漫画家? 我有更好的路走, 为什么我会选这条不好的路呢?我的理由是什么?我给不到自己的答案。 我找不到我当初的理由。。。是梦想吗?是钱吗?还是什么?


我要做漫画家。 我是因为要做, 我才选这条路。 我可能有我的理由, 也可能没有好的理由。

做插画家? 我偏不要。我要作漫画家, 我不会因为那些人说的话而放弃我的漫画家梦想, 我也不会因为那些画画很强的人而放弃。 我会努力。。。无论花多少时间, 我都要人人都知道我画的漫画。

我画画现在不好。。。可是我会进步的。 我不是没有希望。。。只是需要人的支持。

2 月26日

=v=a will do translation later.


More buttons...=v='

I made my first batch of button order few days ago. I ordered 9 buttons for Layton button series as guinea pigs.XD Hopefully the button turned out well...

Ohh~btw, i got my ang pau money and i took 1 quarter of money to put into my bank.=v=b Now waiting for my awesome paycheck.>_>

Here are more buttons to show now:

Yesh~~Flareon button!!!>w< I love how it turned out!! Looks good!! I edited the jaggies after posted here.<w< You can order it in May...LOL.

Here's a preview for my Zodiac design btw!!!*0* I will make it into a button when i finish Pokemon and HM button~~~~Stay tuned!

Hikari~~~yes, Is hikari from HM .=v= Will turn into button with bg.

These day im busy working...and i only get free time during night...>_>"" urgh...i need to practice piano too...I feel so tired for a sudden...*doom*


Is been a while since i made my post...and since everyone is posting, i gotta post mine too!

These day i have been working on drawing buttons...and i got addicted. The buttons turned out nice and im happy with the result. Yay~~

Here is some button i done so far~:

Link button~~I love how it turned out~~ I wanted to add bg but it looks fine like this~~^_^b

Professor Layton -Luke Button. Ahh~~Surprising a lot of people loved this button very much....And the dog too.(shot) (actually i drew the dog randomly...*shot*) Im not really fond of this button, oh well~

Ahh~~I loved this button more...The color fit Layton so well...Looks really lovely...other than my poor lineart....Q^Q Wish i could draw better...

Nergal button...to be honest...i like how it turned out...Q^Q but not bg...I dont understand why people doesnt like him...is it because of BG??;A; I shall print it out for myself...